Best AudioBook app for IOS

An app that reads out articles while you are driving, walking, running or doing chores will be your next best mate ever.

As a working mother of two, finishing a book isn’t an easy job. Not until I’ve discover the wonder of audiobook. Let’s take a look on some of this wonderful audio book app list below. The apps below are some of a few which worth mentioning after me myself downloaded a few to test on.

1. Blinkist (Free Trial)

It’s the best Speed reading audio book ever. The audio is perfect with tones and expression. It’s like a real human reading out a book beside you. Furthermore, it’s most valuable feature is the insights of the book content in only 15 minutes. It’s like completing a book in 15 mins. Of course, it doesn’t come cheap, $49.99 annually. If you ask me, it’s definitely worth the penny for the book lover on the go.

2. Audible (Free Trial)

Most popular audiobook. All of the ebook purchase in amazon can be read using audible. An amazon account is needed to use it. The first 30 days are free and it’s $14.95/month after that. The best part of this audiobook is it’s massive collection of ebook/audio books. As long as you’ve purchase it, listening to it is not an issue.

3. AirRead (FREE)

AirRead - Speak Browser, Create Audio-books/News
It Speaks Browser (happily listening to my favorite articles in stumbleUpon, Pocket), e-book, and etc. It’s interface is clean, customizable and easy to use. The downside will be that the audio is toneless and expressionless. If that’s not an issue to you, then this will be the app you are looking for.

4. Scribd (free for 30 days)

Scribd - Books, audiobooks, magazines, documents

One of the best reading app you can find. With a vast selection of the latest e-books for your ears to the outdated books. PS: download/listen to as much as you could for 30 days. LOL

5. NaturalReader (free for a while)

Image result for natural read

It deserves the name “NaturalReader”. As it reads like a real human, with expression!!! You can download your e-book from dropbox/google drive to the NaturalReader library. Take note that for the free version, this app will only read your e-book for several minutes then the rest you will need to pay for it. So be prepare to just enjoy the natural human voice reading for you for few minutes ONLY.

6. AudioBooks 

(free for less popular/aged e-books)

Audio Books by Audiobooks on the App Store

Audio Books by Audiobooks
Great classification of book selection. In the “Genres” tab, you’ll get to find all sorts of title according to your interest. Most of the audio books are free to read.




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